Business Enabler

Business Enabler 

Enabling established businesses to develop technologies, grow and scale is one of the key offering to partners and clients of VARARI. We offer smart supervision, intervention and involvement techniques to guarantee highest efficiency and best quality outcome. Our know-how and experience, coupled with an extensive market reach via strategic partnerships and established hubs are fully utilized to formulate the below list of services:



Licensed Solutions

VARARI manages a rich portfolio of licensed technology solutions in regional and international markets. Distributions takes place via existing hubs or via strategic partnerships managed by VARARI., Localization and customization of solutions are also is offered by VARARI to enhance value propositions for the local markets classified under a verity of sectors such e-learning, gaming, e-commerce, services, industrial, agriculture and many others.



Establishing Partnerships

Part of VARARI’s offered services in regional and international markets is the establishment of partnerships for client for legal or commercial purposes. Selection of the right partner and partnership model, including obligations, roles and business terms, is managed by VARARI to meet needs of the client and provide protection of each party’s rights.



Apps and Solutions Development

VARARI offers full solution development, with mobile application and web interfaces, and supported with any backend systems required for the best functionality of the solution. The most suitable technology and methodology of implementation are guaranteed to provide the best quality outcome within the agreed timeframe.


The implementation methodology followed at VARARI to develop any solution are outline as per the below


  • Analysis & Planning

  • Design and UX

  • Developmen

  • QA and Delivery

  • Maintenance & Support