Innovation Builder

As a center of innovation and technology, we are building and incubating innovative and disruptive solutions that offer unique value propositions and methodology of implementation in regional and international markets, concentrating on latest technologies and the power of Video, VR, AR, AI and IoT.

To achieve this vision, we have established a dynamic infrastructure, processes and environment to convert ideas, concepts, technical research and projects into successful business opportunities and market-ready and scalable products.

Methodology of Implementation

  • Establish need and value propositions, the WHY
  • Develop general concept and main features
  • Research regional and international markets
  • Challenge concept and features
  • Fine-tune value propositions
  • Establish target market(s)
  • Establish revenue streams
  • Proceed with analysis to finalize features and upper level UX, the HOW
  • Calculate cost to create prototype and to complete the project
  • Build initial business plan for 1-2 years