Startup Embracer

Startup Embracer

VARARI was built on the core competencies and rich experiences of its management team and expert partners. Startups established in the MENA region, that are based on excellent ideas and passionate entrepreneurs, face a variety of challenges at various stages and phases of their journeys. Some of these challenges might be fatal to such startups if not addressed properly. Unfortunately, a big percentage of startups lose track on the right approach to solve encountered problems and hurdles resulting in the deviation from their original course.

Elevating startup likelihoods of success and minimizing costly trial-error experimentations and potential failures are key parts of VARARI’s vision and product offerings. We step in at various stages of the startup journey from inception to launch and even scaling and offer support, guidance and problem-solving techniques and tools to navigate the startup to the shores of success.

The Packages

The below packages are designed to offer a fully-fledged consultation suite catering an intervention and experienced perspective approach to consolidate the Startups progress milestones. Tools and techniques are developed and corrective measures are suggested along with supervision on implementation.

The Disrupt Package:

This package offers startups with core revision and recommendations regarding the below:

  • Market study and research
  • Idea and value propositions validation
  • Concept and features development
  • Technical development approach
  • Business plan preparation and finalization
  • Overview of legal and financial aspects
  • Investment deck

The Pitch Package

The Pitching Package offers startups with techniques and tools, as well as actual access to investment at various funding stages:

  • Investment deck revision
  • Pitching tools and techniques preparation
  • Pitching to potential investors
  • Investment round finalization

The Technical Development Package

Managing the development process with third party developers including:

  • Detailed App documentation
  • Features & Phases
  • User Flow & Wireframe / Screens
  • Scenario building
  • Finalization and signing of wireframes document
  • App Design (Branding, UX, etc)
  • Development
  • App Store Upload
  • Testing & Soft Launch
  • Support

The Launch Package

Launching a startup product or products is a crucial phase of its market penetration and positioning. Below is a summary of the offered supervisory involvement to enhance success factors of a startup debut:

  • Technical implementation approach
  • Building of the initial marketing and sales plans
  • Market testing
  • Implementation and revision of the marketing and sales plans
  • Adjustments and enhancements on products and market penetration.

The Scale Package

Scaling a startup product or solution after a successful launch is a challenging and dynamic continuous stage of its market expansion strategy and approach. This package offers supervision and recommendations on best-practice scaling tools and techniques:

  • Research of new markets and penetration strategy
  • Adjustments and enhancements on launch phases
  • Legal and financial frameworks
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Enhancing marketing and sales plans
  • Implementation of marketing and sales plan